Police still investigate fraud in Slovenske Elektrarne

Slovenské elektrárne, Mochovce
Atómová elektráreň Mochovce. Foto: archívne, SITA/Martin Havran

The police have not yet completed the investigation in the power utility Slovenske Elektrarne over the suspicion of committing several criminal offences. Denisa Bardyova, a spokeswoman for the Police Force Presidium, informed the SITA news agency that the former top officials of Slovenske Elektrarne from Italy are still being accused by the Slovak police. According to the original information, the two Italian managers P.R. and N.C. have allegedly caused 22-million-euro damage to the dominant Slovakia’s electricity producer. They have been accused since March 2019. „P.R. and N.C. were charged with the particularly serious criminal offence of violating the obligations related to administering someone else’s property committed by complicity. The accused P.R. and N.C. are being prosecuted at large,“ added Bardyova. The police have not provided any further details on the investigation of suspected criminal offences, either in connection with the dominant electricity producer or with the completion of the Mochovce NPP project. „Since these are ongoing preliminary proceedings, in which procedural acts are currently being carried out in line with the Criminal Code, I reject to provide any additional information from ongoing criminal proceedings, as this could complicate or thwart the clarification and investigation of these criminal offences,“ Bardyova responded.

Full story in Slovak: Polícia stále vyšetruje podvody v Slovenských elektrárňach, obvinení zostávajú aj bývalí talianski manažéri

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