JESS is to build new photovoltaic plant in Bohunice

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The Bratislava-based company Adifex is to construct a large 10 MW solar power plant in Jaslovske Bohunice for more than 9.1 million euros including VAT for the power company Jadrova Energeticka Spolocnost Slovenska (JESS).

Seven bids were submitted in the public tender, two from the Czech Republic and one from Hungary. According to the published contract, Adifex was given 33 weeks to build the photovoltaic power plant, and the contract also includes the provision of the necessary project documentation.

The photovoltaic power plant with a 20-year operating life will be located at the premises left after dismantled technological and construction facilities of decommissioned nuclear power plants A1 and V1, i.e. on the so-called brownfield.

As the tender states, the photovoltaic power plant is a renewable electricity source that does not require maintenance or constant operation and generates almost zero waste during. At the end of its operating life, the plant can be dismantled and all its elements can be recycled.

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