Big Companies Won't Get System Operation Tariff Subsidies

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The ruling coalition no longer plans to subsidize the reduction in the final electricity price paid by large companies. Since 2019, the state has been annually compensating these companies for the system operation tariff that is included in the final price of electricity.

The annual sum was 40 million euros. The draft general government budget for 2024-2026, which the Cabinet and the House are expected to pass in the coming days, does no longer envisage this allowance.

„The past compensation was a reaction to high system operation tariffs before 2021. Since then, the levels of the system operation tariff for companies dropped significantly after the introduction of the multi-band tariff; hence further compensation in the form of subsidies is not needed,” reads the document.

In 2023, some 5 million euros of the budgeted 40 million euros are estimated to be spent. The reason is a change in the conditions of the call; the compensation will be paid for the system operation tariff ensuing from the support of renewables.

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