Two state zones for wind power plants in Slovakia

Veterná energia

The state plans to support the development of wind energy in Slovakia. The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic led by Economy Minister Peter Dovhun wants to prepare the first two so-called „GO-TO“ zones for wind power plants.

The minister stated on the social network that the ministry intends to prepare the two territories for the construction of wind power plants with all the necessary permits and infrastructure, including connection to the power grid. Investors that will be successful in the auction that the ministry plans to announce can compete for the construction of wind power plants on these „GO-TO“ zones.

„During the preparation and implementation of the first GO-TO zones, we want to identify all the steps and processes that need to be modified, accelerated or reset. The results of this project will be shared publicly, and can be used by anyone with the intention to create new GO-TO zones in the future,“ said Dovhun. He has not yet revealed where the first GO-TO zones would be created.

Full story in Slovak: Štát plánuje rozvoj veternej energetiky, chce pripraviť prvé dve „GO-TO“ zóny pre elektrárne

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