Third Mochovce nuclear unit secures safe operation

Atómová elektráreň Mochovce, tretí blok
Foto: SITA/Slovenské elektrárne.
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The power utility Slovenske Elektrarne has completed the energy start-up of the third unit of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant. Since the first commissioning, the third Mochovce unit has delivered more than 1.2 million megawatt-hours of electricity to the grid without generating CO2 emissions. This volume can satisfy the annual consumption of almost half a million Slovak households.

Slovenske Elektrarne completed the start-up of the third Mochovce unit after performing the last test as part of the active test phase – 144 hours of proven operation at full reactor power. The demonstration run which lasted for six days proved that the project parameters of the new unit were met and the new nuclear unit is capable to operate safely.

„We believe that the Mochovce third unit will provide a long-term contribution to Slovakia’s energy mix and help us meet our commitments in regard with climate changes. Our goal is to continue investing in future technologies to ensure a sustainable future for the people in Slovakia and Europe,“ said Branislav Strycek, the head of Slovenske Elektrarne’s Board of Directors.

Full story in Slovak: Tretí mochovský blok má za sebou energetické spúšťanie, má približne rozlohu bratislavského hradu (video)

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