Slovenske Elektrarne assembles reactor at Mochovce Unit 3

Slovenské elektrárne, Mochovce
Atómová elektráreň Mochovce. Foto: archívne, SITA/Martin Havran

Slovenske Elektrarne has completed the assembly of the reactor at the third nuclear unit of the Mochovce NPP. The phase of pre-critical tests is about to start. Slovakia’s dominant electricity producer is advancing with the commissioning of the new nuclear unit in line with the schedule. „After closing and sealing the reactor vessel, we pressurized the primary circuit to 0.5 MPa and completely vented it. As part of the venting, we also carried out the first inspection of the primary circuit boundary integrity. This was followed by a pressure test maintained at 2.5 MPa, which is the first possibility of the inspection of the primary circuit at higher pressure, but at the same time the last possibility to examine its tightness while it’s cool,“ said Marek Podolec, operating manager of the third and fourth nuclear unit of Mochovce NPP.

Full story in Slovak: Na treťom bloku Atómovej elektrárne Mochovce už Slovenské elektrárne zmontovali reaktor, začína sa ďalšia fáza

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