Slovakia one step closer to modular reactors

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Slovenské elektrárne, Mochovce
Foto: ilustračné, SITA/Martin Havran
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Slovakia is one step closer to modular reactors. Slovenske Elektrarne and its partners have succeeded in an international competition which was part of the Phoenix project and will obtain a grant to fund a feasibility study for small modular reactors. The competition was open to seventeen countries in Central and Eastern Europe and was supported by the United States government with an overall sum of 8 million dollars.

The Czech Republic and Poland were also awarded the grant, Slovenske Elektrarne reported. „I am very pleased that we have succeeded in the international competition among fierce rivals and that Slovakia will be the place where we will kick off this important project. The support we received today gives a great opportunity. It means that Slovakia is one step closer to the construction of small modular reactors. We believe that the construction of new technologies, including small modular reactors, is part of the solution to our energy needs,“ said Branislav Strycek, the chairman of the Slovenske Elektrarne’s Board of Directors.

The aim of the Phoenix project is to support the transition from coal use to small modular reactors. Thanks to the feasibility study, it will be possible to assess the suitability of small modular reactors in Slovak conditions and to bring forward the steps needed for their possible future construction.

„The countries that have received support in the Phoenix project are pioneers, but we are all in this together. We are opening the door to a clean energy source that we can rely on when the wind isn’t blowing, the sun isn’t shining, and the batteries aren’t charged,“ said John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate.

Full story in Slovak: Slovensko je o krok bližšie k modulárnym reaktorom, uspelo v medzinárodnej súťaži a spolu s Českom získa grant

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