Slovakia is at the front of emissions-free energy

Mochovce, elektráreň
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Slovakia is Europe’s absolute leader when it comes to the production of clean, emission-free electricity, analysts from Data without Pathos said. They affirm that Slovakia ranks notably low in emissions, largely owing to the operation of the third block at the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant and the scheduled shutdown of the coal-fired power plant in Novaky by year-end.

„It is one of the few things where our homework was graded A-plus. Other countries, such as Poland, the Balkans – Southeast, and Turkey lag far behind us,“ emphasized the analysts,“ the analysts added. France, Spain, Portugal and all of Scandinavia are still doing well among the large producers. Among the big polluters, Germany, Poland and Turkey do not fare well.

„In 2023, the situation has also changed in Germany, which shut down its nuclear power plants. The capacities of wind and solar have grown significantly, and the exporter (also of dirty electricity) has become an importer (mainly of nuclear electricity),“ the analysts stated.

Full story in Slovak: Slovensko je v Európe absolútnym premiantom, aj vďaka Mochovciam sme si domácu úlohu splnili na jednotku s hviezdičkou

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